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Sunday, September 12, 1999

“Top Gun 911“

GT3 is New "Top Gun"

Nowra. Porsche's new road and track 911 GT3 has already established itself as a 'Top Gun' in Australia, two months before Australian customers sample its 302km/h performance.
Answering a challenge by members of the crack Royal New Zealand Air Force No 2 Squadron, Porsche Cars Australia sent GT-Production champion Peter Fitzgerald and the country's first GT3 for a 'take no prisoners race over 400 metres against the Kiwis' frontline A4 Skyhawk fighter/bomber at their Nowra, NSW base.

Appropriately, the shoot-out took place at 'High Noon', with Fitzgerald and Squadron Leader Steve Alderton in the Skyhawk flagged off from a standing start by other squadron pilots.

While the A4 Skyhawk got the initial jump on the Porsche, Fitzgerald powered back into contention in the 360HP GT3, reaching nearly 200km/h to take a car's length victory at the end of the 400 metres. After taking off, the aircraft performed two spectacular 'touch and go' landings where the aircraft touched the runway next to the Porsche, before immediately taking off again. This was followed by two near supersonic low fly-pasts over the GT3, prior to landing.

This must be of comfort for a number of drivers planning to campaign the GT3 next year in Targa Tasmania, the Australian Porsche Cup and the Australian GT-Production Championship.

For the record, the GT3 sprints from 0 - 100km/h in 4.8 seconds and 0 - 200km/h in 15.8 seconds, according to Porsche factory figures. So fast, you almost need a pilot 's licence to drive it. But demand looks like out-stripping supply at its Australian price of $225,000.

By comparison, the A4 Skyhawk develops 9300lb. of thrust, has a maximum speed of 1142km/h and costs around $12 million.
But while you can specify your GT3 in a choice of four straight and four metallic colours, there is just one offered with the Skyhawk:

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